Molotow Blackliner

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Molotow Blackliners have a pigmented, water-based, document-proof ink and are water and chemical-resistant as well as wipe-proof with water and alcohol. The ink is permanent and odourless.

The robust metal-encased 0.05 mm – 1mm, chisel and round tips guarantees fine and exact lines – perfectly suitable for outlines.

Due to the "Cap off" function the markers are protected from drying out for 90-180 minutes (30 minutes for the 1mm width).

The high-quality BLACKLINERS have a slip-proof, matt surface.

Writing length: up to 2000 meters – tested on MOLOTOW™ BLACKLINER 0.3 mm in a normal indoor climate of 23°C / 50 % relative humidity on testing paper according to ISO 12757.