Bower Real Brush Pen Set - Pack of 12

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Real Brush Tips - The nibs of the Bower pens are made of high quality soft imported nylon bristle fibres. These give a fantastic level of control and precision.

12 Colours - Bower real brush pens come in 12 ink colours;

Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Dark Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Black, Brown and Grey.

Create works of art - With a unique tip each one consisting of over 1000 individual bristles!

Watercolour painting effects: With the convenience of a pen and the versatility of a paintbrush but without the mess. Once you have finished your pictures replace the lid and place back in the high-quality reusable button fastening case

Blendable - When used on the high gram or watercolour paper the inks can be blended together on the paper to create lovely blending effects. (note this does not work with normal A4 paper)

Calligraphy styles - The special nib is perfect for Japanese style calligraphy, brush creative lettering, or quill-like effect for crafting party invites, birthday cards and only limited by your imagination

These are suitable for hobbyist and professional artists. The fantastic range of colours can be used for adult colouring, manga drawing, kids, students and mature

High-Quality Water Based Ink - Can be used with a wet paintbrush to blend and drag out the colour. This gives a watercolour effect.